Timberland - Contract Packaging Engineer (6 month)

Job Description
Packaging Engineer:
Evaluate where we are, recommend where we should be, help us develop processes, development guidelines, standards, materials and a supplier base as well as leave us with a menu of options and an SOP for the long term. This person will collaborate closely with a variety of teams as we move through this project.
How You Will Make a Difference:
Review current practices, tools and decision points for Timberland packaging ? specifically focusing on the 'inside the box' componentry.
Provide gap analysis to industry best practices
Develop and propose process for go forward selection of materials (by the Product Development and Engineering teams as they are developing and commercializing the product)
Development team currently specs tissue and box type on the BOM. They do not specify internal shoe stuffing, packing instructions, or box schedules.
Asia Product Engineering team determines internal shoe stuffing, packing instructions, and box schedules during production trials on new patterns. This is captured in the SOP.
There is an opportunity to standardize the process to ensure Global commonality and consistency.
Develop Timberland standards and specification for forward development of components
Document 'rules of engagement' for Vendor Compliance to the new Standard (i.e: vendors must use spec'd box and materials or be subjected to chargebacks)
Create a 'menu' of options for 'inside the box' componentry based on:
? Quality ? how best to protect the product inside the box
? Sustainability requirements ? recycled or eco-friendly components
? Retailer requirements ? excess packaging guidelines
? Marketing and Consumer expectations ? how we 'surprise and delight' or
? Cost and gross margin implications ? cost neutral or better to current
? Channel of Distribution ? Full Price Retail, Outlet, Ecom, Wholesale
Recommend and develop componentry and collaborate with procurement team on supplier base and cost negotiations.
Set up componentry in Materials Toolbox (inside PLM system)
6 month assignment
Scope of product includes 'Tree' footwear for Men's, Women's and Kids as the first priority and 'Pro' footwear, Men's and Women's as the second priority.
Will also need to collaborate closely with the manufacturing / sourcing teams to understand current practices in the manufacturing space and consider / recommend packaging methods.
Will also collaborate with other VF teams to understand their processes, componentry and supplier base.
Skills for Success:
Years of Related Professional Experience: 10+ years
Highly Collaborative, Process Expertise, Strong Influencer skill, Attention to detail, Strong communicator (written, presentation and verbal)
Educational/ Position Requirements:
Experience working in the Packaging space for Consumer Products
Deep knowledge of packaging processes, suppliers and the consumer products space

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